About Reading Hub

Reading Hub is a combined eBook library and dynamic reading platform which offers primary school leaders and teachers valuable insights into learners’ reading habits and progress.

Reading Hub is for primary school leaders, teachers, parents and learners!

All data is secured safely through your data integration system (Wonde, Group Call). The data is used to set up your accounts and isn’t shared with anyone else. You can find our data sharing policy here.

The age rating of each book is according to national curriculum standards. The algorithm used to calculate the reading age is based on millions of data points collected from schools and learners across the UK.

Using the school software

You can reassign learners to the correct place using the ‘Learners’ tab. Simply unassign anyone from their current class and reassign them to their new class.

The app sets the reading age against actual age, but this can be changed by teachers before learners begin reading. If it’s left as soon as learners start to read on the app it will begin adjusting it.

As we work with your MIS system we can run an update if you need to add a new learner. Simply let us know and we’ll update it for you.

As we work with your MIS system we can run an update if you need to add a new teacher. Simply let us know and we’ll update it for you.

You can reassign a teacher to a new class if they are already on the system.

Yes! If your MIS system already has multiple teachers assigned to classes this will automatically show. If you’d like to add teachers to a specific class you can do this on your classes tab.

If you contact your admin user they will be able to make this change for you.

The reading age is calculated via an algorithm based on micro-adjustments from:

– the reading age of the book
– how difficult they found the book on a scale of 1-5
– the number of difficult words searched for while reading the book

Yes! You can click the ‘Download Excel’ button which will provide you with a spreadsheet of usernames. You can either print them as they are or use our ID card template.

Currently you are able to set a task for the whole class. We are working on the function to set tasks for individual learners and smaller groups.

We are currently working on a functionality for teachers to download and print a whole class report and an individual learner report.

If you think a learner might not be reading in the way you want them to you can look on their individual dashboard. Focus on the metrics such as: avg reading duration and avg page duration to see if they have spent the amount of time reading you would expect.

We know that this is particularly important for some schools and this is a feature we are currently working on.

About the learner app

Learner data can’t be seen on the Learner App so parents can’t see the reading age without you sharing. We’ve done this so they can focus on the act and habit of reading with their children. Of course, you can share it if you wish to!

The books don’t have the age visible to the learner. We hope to reduce any stigma or embarrassment for learners who aren’t reading at the same level of their peers.

Yes they can! We are all about putting books into the hands of learners. This means you can have a class read in school and learners can have a ‘free read’ too. The app registers where they are up to in each book so they don’t have to worry about losing their place.

The reading habit score uses an incremental scale to denote how engrained the habit of reading is within your learners. As learners read more and consistently their score will grow to demonstrate the increasing habit. The higher the percentage the more they are reading!

Signing up

You can sign up for your 30-day free trial here! During your trial you’ll have full access to the Reading Hub platform. If you’re already part of the Reading Hub community when it’s time to renew we’ll send your admin team at school an invoice.

Reading Hub is £6 per pupil for the first 300 pupils, meaning the maximum you will pay is £1800.

There is no cost for additional pupils.

This works out at less than 1p per book per pupil!

To discuss this further please get in touch with us.

Technical Requirements

The app works on iOS and Android devices with a web-based desktop version available soon.

School staff are able to log into the schools software via the web.